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Content AI is a copywriting agency that creates content and sales copy with the aid of AI and UX to help enhance our client's customer experience so that they can generate more sales!
We specialize in the fields of AI, big tech, robotics, and futurism.


Our mission is to create technical sales word-content for our clients—be they local, regional, or global. Word-content that is validated by research and which persuades and sells. Content AI turns our AI-aided verbiage combined with UX-oriented copy into crisp little engines of captivating stratagem. In doing so, we cultivate a fun, nimble, thoughtful, and intensely productive “copy bureau” in Orange County, California. By working with mission-driven brands and companies, we can help restore power to the written word and solidify our craft as crucial, vigorous leverage for commerce.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a special expertise within the field of marketing whereby the copywriter (not the same as a legal copyrighter) writes content that persuades a viewer, customer, or user to take action and purchase a product or a service.



What is UX-oriented sales copy?

UX (User Experience) writers (which are to be distinguished from UX designers) consider the entire customer (online) journey and focus on customer-facing text, which is where the latter differs from that of content strategists. The UX writer wants to make the user start out with the marketing of the website, then they will move into the product copy, and then they will move into support writing to make sure that each transition of that customer journey is smooth and works well for the user. The task of the UX copywriter however specializes in the first part of that journey--the UX copywritten material specifically for marketing purposes. The principles of UX copywriting then (or CX - customer experience writing) is essentially, to make word content marketing as easy and as clear as possible combined with conversion optimization, but written in a persuasive manner.

How do we use AI in copywriting?

We use AI (Artificial Intelligence) LLM (Large Language Model) based algorithms to aid in our writing process. In doing so, we are able to write about 7x to 10x faster than the average copywriter. And thus, generally speaking, this can mean faster turn-around time for our clients.​

Our Specializations

We specialize in writing copy for businesses in the fields of AI, big tech (robotics and advanced sci-tech and gadgets), and futurism.

Please contact us to get an estimate.

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